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for luxury and elegance
Raison d'ĂȘtre
Combining an inimitable sense of style with an exceptional knowledge of both design and real estate, we are dedicated to creating unique living spaces through our exacting attention to detail, a thorough understanding of our clients' inclination and appetite, and a precise awareness of timescale and budget.

Founded in 2016 by Priti Singh & Jasleen Chalotra, WhiteWash Interiors was born out of a consummate yearning for creating exquisite living spaces that are truly timeless. With an incredible appreciation for art and an accomplished team of artisans and craftsmen, Jasleen and Priti have set a high bar for client satisfaction. Every elegant execution goes through meticulous planning. From an ephemeral idea to flawlessly executed timeless masterpieces, the team at WhiteWash Interiors conceptualizes every element of design to meet the demands of your lifestyle, captivate your senses, and resonate aesthetically.

At WhiteWash Interiors, sophistication of history is tempered with contemporary flourishes and a singularly unconventional point of view. Masterfully crafted backdrops combined with intricate details of colours, textures and form give the interiors an enduring quality that makes them appear unique and relevant for decades.

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