Design Consultancy

With a resolutely creative approach, and drawing inspiration from art, fashion and design alike, we at WhiteWash Interiors aim to create elegant solutions that are incontestably stunning yet pragmatic and functional. From spectacular roof terraces, elegant courtyards, to large urban gardens and house elevations, our collaborations with the most well-regarded artisans, manufacturers, builders and our very own experienced team of architects, ensures a strong visual relationship is maintained between the exterior and interior design.

3D Visualisation

Visualisation is an integral part of planning. It is where the client’s specific ideas and desires engage with 3 Dimensional projections, detailed CAD plans, digital animations and actual blueprinting. Combining functionality with beauty and turning it into an actual work of art requires sedulous efforts and a passion for delivering the best. We engage the best of technology, experience and vibrant attention to create spaces that defy fleeting trends and are truly timeless.

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