We understand that the successful implementation of a truly extraordinary Interior design solution requires not just every piece to be perfect but also to be placed perfectly, and intelligently highlighted to blend with and bring out the overall leitmotif. The meticulously selected accessories including artwork, murals and artifacts then become a critical piece or the keynotes weaving through the larger theme to create the perfect symphony. Our team is exceptionally equipped to understand your precise requirements and transform every aspect of accessorization into a succinct, exhilarating representation of you.


Everything we custom select for you at WhiteWash Interiors is chosen not just to look spectacular but to function brilliantly from day-to-day as well. Our elegant collection of linen draws on luxuriously traditional as well as bold contemporary influences as reflected through the opulent materials and finishes.


Whether it is a delicate wall sconce, a stunning chandelier or a discerningly placed pendant, we at WhiteWash Interiors can help you create the most resplendent backdrops and overall lighting experience you have in mind. Neo Classical looks with a contemporary edge or indulgently regal, our considerable repertoire of lighting ideas and options aim to cover a variety of styles and genres creating the mise-en-scène for a truly spectacular effect.

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