Furniture is critical in defining the mood and genre of a living space. Our team of exceptionally experienced craftsmen and artisans offer an impeccable array of furniture, stonework, cabinetry, gilding and other traditional and contemporary finishes, allowing each detail of the interior to contribute to the harmony and coherence of the whole, whether the style be starkly modern, imposingly regal or frankly colonial.

Design Consultancy

Combining an inimitable sense of style with an exceptional knowledge of both design and real estate, we are dedicated to creating unique living spaces through our exacting attention to detail, a thorough understanding of our clients' inclination and appetite, and a precise awareness of timescale and budget. We are committed to delivering not only creative excellence but a design journey that is both seamless and memorable.

From concept design, space planning, interior layout to display, we provide end-to-end solutions and bring to the table discerning insights into the language of materials, lighting, colour, furniture and integration of technical components.


India is a treasure-trove of splendidly rich textures, patterns and colours. We draw from these and offer furnishing solutions ranging from the most exclusively ethnic to the most stunningly avant garde. Our passion for textures, combining materials and fabrics, striking colour palettes and tailored lighting systems, ensures a prolific narrative– producing interiors that speak for themselves. The outcome is not just a space that is exquisite in design, but also quality that will sustain throughout the years.

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